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WTF is going on!?

Proudmommieof2 started this conversation
Ok so I got tired of coming to this site asking for help. I have been coming every other day checking for any thing.. and I mean anything towards help. Nothing. This site keeps telling me I got messages and nothing.. I have the same thing in my mail box as I did before. I found another site to get a little help with my children's birthday just because I can't afford to do get them anything. Still no work, still no help :(.. What is with this site?! I mean seriously.. I keep getting told to pray and wait.. I have been praying and waiting for the last yr and nothing!! Someone please please tell me someplace that I can for sure get a job, earn money and able to support my girls. NO home based jobs.. I already got screwed on 300 for working at home 2 times now.
I want to be able to get up about 200 maybe 300 and got out and spoil myself. I want to rent a motel for the weekend and go to get my hair and nails done.. and go out to eat by myself with out my children or their dad. I haven't done this in over 6yrs...
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I'm sorry to hear about your situation, unfortunately it's happening all over, I went back to school and took a course for 11 months, fed loan covered it all. You said awhile back you are continuing your schooling on the computer, is that to get a job your qualified for then? You never said you were kicked out or evicted so I assume your still in your home and someone is paying the rent.

One thing I don't understand, where as birthdays & Christmas are nice to have, it's not a neccesity like food on the table or clean clothes. While I can appreciate the fact that you want to *spoil* yourself, I can't believe you would actually add this in your wants when your family suffers, as you say they do. I have extreme pain everyday, I'm 54, and a single mom my daughter is 22 and in college. Many have no roof, no family, no one. I truly feel for you, but we have to make sacrifices everyday and do all we can to make it day to day, that's life. I suffer depression and have a brother in prison for life who protected me I was molested, also, and I'm a survivor, do NOT let life kick you when your down get up and kick back. Email me anytime, I'm an artist also.
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